In the Darkness of the Vampire world there are the Huntera and the Pray which will you be?
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 Flandre Scarlet

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Flandre Scarlet


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PostSubject: Flandre Scarlet   Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:15 pm

Name: Flandre Scarlet
Age: Around 495 years old; looks around 10
Abilities: Immense destructive power

Description: A vampire's scarlet eyes and blond hair. Wears a red dress and vest, with a pink shirt underneath. Also wears a pink mop hat with red ribbon attached. Her wings appear to be made of iron and prism shards. She carries a matching metal wand with her, which is apparently the mythical Lævateinn. Arranged from her back to the tip of her wings her 8 crystals are presented as follows: Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green and Light Blue again.
Flandre doesn't have many friends, and even her older sister Remilia is hardly ever with her, and she apparently rarely, if ever, attends the parties at the mansion. Normally she's locked up in the basement, but it seems she might actually be a shut-in who stays there willingly, and veryone who enters the mansion hopes they don't run into her, even Marisa.

Because she is rarely seen by visitors, there are many mysteries about her. Her seven-colored wings are unlike those of any other creature and most likely can't be used for flying and even without wings she can fly though, as can many other people.
# Flandre can destroy anything she wants by moving the "eye" of the object, where the tension is highest, into her hand and pouring her power into it. When she clenches her fist whatever she has moved the "eye" of into her hand will be destroyed. Other than her ability itself, no simple information about it is known. She also has extreme physical strength and unsurprisingly, all the toys she plays with get broken.
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PostSubject: Re: Flandre Scarlet   Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:18 pm

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Flandre Scarlet
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